Subaru Tribeca Hidden Trailer Hitch (2008-Current)


Price: $575.00

You know how a conventional hitch spoils the appearance of your car? Well, we protect your vehicle's original look and style with our completely hidden hitch designs. You can tow a trailer or simply take your bikes with you... all without permanently scarring the appearance of your vehicle.

Please watch our product video at the following link:

Key Benefits of our hitch:
• No visible bumper cutout
• No steel beam permanently hanging under your bumper
• No more clunk from hitches that rattle
• No strap-on bike racks
• Just your vehicle, looking exactly like it should look, and yet equipped with a hitch for when you need it!

What is in the package?
This particular hitch was custom designed to bolt directly onto the chassis of the Subaru Tribeca, behind the bumper where it cannot be seen. And it was designed from the start to exceed the towing capacity of this vehicle. When you order, the package will contain the Subaru Tribeca hidden hitch receiver, our standard locking mechanism for securing a removable ball mount or a bike-rack connector to the hitch receiver, a trailer-lights wiring harness designed specifically to integrate with this vehicle's wiring, and all required mounting hardware and mounting instructions.

Ball mounts and bike-rack connectors are ordered separately from the hitch receiver. When placing your order please be sure to select one removable ball mount or bike-rack connector in addition to the hitch receiver, and add it to your shopping cart. Ball mounts and bike-rack connectors are listed at the bottom of the left-side menu.

If you need both a ball mount AND a bike-rack connector, or if you need multiple sizes of ball mounts, please call us to place your order. We can accommodate just about any combination of wiring, ball mounts, and bike-rack connectors that you may need.

Call us at 678-400-0121 or email us at sales@invisihitch.com

Where can I have this hitch installed?
We have a list of recommended installers in many of the large metropolitan areas. Please call us and ask! Or you may choose a local hitch shop on your own if you prefer. If the hitch shop can take off the bumper, the job is halfway done. Alternatively, a local body shop will always be experienced in removing and replacing bumpers.

Our installation manual has detailed, step-by-step instructions with pictures. We will gladly email you the installation manual for your vehicle, so that you may see for yourself what is involved in installing the hitch before you decide to place your order. Email your request for an installation manual to sales@invisihitch.com and please include the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle in your request.